100 Pads, 20 Atmospheres, 15 Basses & Dark Sounds and 65 Synths, presets for Dune 2 (Synapse Audio).

Music examples created with only Atmos presets, no external effects are used.


Garden of Sounds (ambient)
Mountains (chillout)
Synth Meditation (ambient)

soundcloud link to listen and download.


Each pad have modwheal to open or close filter or change timbre for sound. Most of pads have velocity assigned to filter ADR (attack, decay release) and few have expression wheel to other effects.


Atmospheres are chords, textures or soundscapes for long evolve sounds. Each atmosphere have modwheal to open or close filter or change timbre for sound. Some of atmospheres have velocity assigned to filter or timbre and few have expression wheel to other effects.

Bass & Dark Sounds

This section is for basses and sounds for lower tones (not bass but for dark timbre).


There are many type of sounds. From leads to pluck or pad like sounds.

Under sound examples you will find all presets. All atmosphere demos are one long note play (no melodies or harmonies except Crystal Cave there is used some melody). Atmosphere sound demos contain birds noise (this is not part of library presets).


Pads 1 - 10
Air Pad 1
Air Pad 2
Arcane Bell Pad
Blue Atmosphere
Astral Body
Blue Drops
Calm Voice
Dark Pad
Deep Blue
Deep FM Pad (pure FM)
Pads 11 - 20
Deep Sight
Discovery 1
Discovery 2
Distant Earth
Divine Pad
Electrostatic Waves
Energy Strings 1
Energy Strings 2
Ether Bagpipe Pad
Ether Pad
Pads 21 - 30
Ether Triangles
Ether Voices
FM Additive
FM Pad 1
FM Pad 2
FM Pad 3
FM Pad 4
FM Strings
Frozen Land
Futuristic Pad 1
Pads 31 - 40
Futuristic Pad 2
Glacier 1
Glacier 2
Glacier 3
Glow 1
Glow 2
Haze 1
Haze 2
Hi Tek 1
Pads 41 - 50
Hi Tek 2
Hidden Sequence
Hyper Cube 1
Hyper Cube 2
Illusion 1
Illusion 2
Inner Space
Land of Arcania
Land of Echoes
Light Strings
Pads 51 - 60
Lights of Calm
Magic Embrance
Magic Place
Moving Pad
Mysterious Strings 1
Mysterious Strings 2
Mysterious Voices
Pads 61 - 70
Nught Ciry
Night Sky
Noise pad
Northen Light
Organix 1
Organix 2
Organix 3
Organix 4
Pads 71 - 80
Organix 5 (pure VA)
Penta Sync
Sacral Voices
Simple Lush Pad
Sky Traveler
Star Dust
Stratosphere Pad 1
Pads 81 - 90
Stratosphere 2
Sun Rays
Tranz Sequence
Triangle Heaven (pure VA)
Tunel of Death
Underwater Organix
VA Pad 1 (pure VA)
VA Pad 2 (pure VA)
Virtual Dream 1 (pure VA)
Virtual Dream 2 (pure VA)
Pads 91 - 100
Voice Organix
Voices of Ambience
Voices of Angels
Voices of Heaven
Wanderer (arp)
Wave Choir
Wave Traveler 1
Wave Traveler 2
Wind Pad
Windy Land
0 - 10
Ambient Drone 1
Ambient Drone 2
Ancient Ruins
Crystal Cave
Dark Cave
Dark Embrace
Dreaming Forest
Energy from Space
Rotating Galaxy
11 - 20
Square Dimension
Stratosphere 1
Stratosphere 2
The Crypt
The Prophecy
Voices of Illusions
Wanderer FM
Wave Vortex Chord
Wood of Darkness
Synths 1 - 20
Amber Lights
Ambient Drop
Ambient Strings
Ancient Voice
Astral Acid 1
Astral Flute
Astral Acid 2
Astral Trumpet
Astronom Synth
Aurora Saws
Blue Dream Short
Bottle Drops
Bowed Bowl
Calm Waves
Crystal Voice
Dark FM
Dark Synth
Digital Bell Drops
Synths 21 - 40
Digital Flute
Digital Harp
Digital Pluck
Digital Shower
Digitalis (arp)
Dune Barrels
East Fifth
Electro Waves
Electronic String
Ether Drops
Ether Fifth
Ether Flute
Ether Pluck
FM & Waves Pluck
FM Drops
FM Guitar Myst 1
FM Guitar Myst 2
FM Guitar Myst 3
FM Short
Forest Drops
Synths 41 - 65
Lead Blue Saw
Lead Green Lights
Lead Vibra
Light Frequences
Little Wind Waves
Myst Drops
Mysterious Bells
Mysterious Voice
Noise Sine
Old Leader
Pan Flute Voice
Rez Short
RM Drop
RM Pluck
Saw Drops
Singing Bowl
Underwater Bell
VA Pluck
Wanderer Saws
Zvon Arp
Bass & Dark Sounds
Dark Bowed Bell
Dark Strings
Deep Bass 1
Deep Bass 2
Electric Pulse Bass
Fat Bass
Rusty Machine
Space Bass
Voices of Darkness
Wave Bass

Basic Info

Preset List

Pads :

100 presets

Synths :

65 presets

Atmospheres :

20 presets

Bass & Dark Sounds :

15 presets


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